Come at me, and you may behold the teachings of Zaiya, the Knight God!

Dwarf Paladin

No place for kids? Say that again after I smack you silly.

This is a paladin of Zaiya, God of Knights, armed with axe, metal armor, and shield.

Dwarves are shorter than humans but are a muscular race well suited for fighting. They are tough and skillful.

Just as Zaiya is a god who protects the weak, this is a character who protects their teammates and absorbs any attack that comes his way. In addition to the divine magic he gets from the Priest class, this character knows the combat feat Block that lets him take an attack instead of his ally. In addition Dwarves possess the Sword's Salvation/Body of Flame and Darkvision racial abilities. Body of Flame allows them to avoid taking damage from flame based damage sources. Darkvision allows them to see in the dark as well as they would in the daytime. When it comes to flame-based magic and attacks, not even one hair on the dwarf's head will be burnt.

No one can match this character at defending his allies. Show your skill as the guardian of your whole party!

  • Clockwise from top
    Attack 3
    Defense 5
    Magic 3
    Support 4
    Versatility 2
    Burst 2
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