Don't move, I'm going to treat the wound now
Elf Priest

An Elf priest who serves the sun god Tidan.

As a race, elves are taller than humans and very beautiful. There aren't very many of them, but they live long lives and love the water.

The divine magic that the priest wields is good at healing and protection. She possesses many spells which will aid your party. When your teammates are injured you can heal them with Cure Wounds. When fighting a powerful enemy you can reduce the damage your teammates take using Field Protection.

In addition, the Priest possesses the Metamagic/Targets battle skill which allows you to use your protection and healing magic on multiple teammates at once.

Elves possess the Sword's Salvation/Gentle Water and Darkvision racial abilities. Sword's Salvation/Gentle Water allows the elf to spend long periods of time underwater. Darkvision allows the elf to see in the dark as if it were day. Elves are the only race that can work at full capacity underwater

Just one priest can help the party survive the toughest challenges. Spread the word of the glory of the Sun God Tidan!

  • Clockwise from top
    Attack 1
    Defense 3
    Magic 5
    Support 4
    Versatility 2
    Burst 1
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