Here is a common glossary for certain terms/names that should be followed as a matter of consistency when translating text.

日本語 English Definition/Notes
ラクシア Raxia

Name of the world that the game is set in.

バルバロス、蛮族 Barbaros

The evil monsters that invaded the world during the Diabolic Triumph (taken from katakana)

ディアボリック・トライアンフ、大破局 Diabolic Triumph The Barbaros' invasion of Raxia. (taken from katakana)
ガメル, G Gamel The common currency of Raxia.
器用度 Dexterity Manual dexterity, used for accuracy/tool use.
敏捷度 Agility Physical dexterity, used for mobility/evasion.
筋力 Strength Affects physical damage.
生命力 Vitality Lit. "Life strength", but it functions similarly to D&D Con.
知力 Intellect As advertised, also affects casting strength.
精神力 Spirit As advertised, also affects MP cap.
交易共通語 Common Trade Language The "Common" language, every player character is proficient in this.
剣のかけら Sword Pieces Given to countries or adventurer shops for reputation points
名誉点 Honor Measure of how famous your PC is. Can be traded in for items; details are in Book 2.
戦闘特技 Combat Feat Special actions and beneficial skills your character can perform during combat
基準値 Standard Value Sum of skill levels and attribute bonus.
達成値 Success Value Standard value plus results of two dice.
自動成功 Automatic Success Roll of two 6s on dice during action resolution.
自動失敗 Automatic Failure Roll of two 1s on dice during action resolution.
行為判定 Action Check Deciding whether an action succeeds using dice.
目標値 Target Number What your success value must equal or be greater than to succeed at an action.
解除判定 Disable Device Opens locks and disarms traps.
戦利品の決定 Loot Determination Used when dividing loot and treasure.
ダメージの算出 Damage Calculation
魔動機師 Gunmage Uses Magispheres (one of the various implements); often buy levels in Marksman.
操霊術師 Conjurer Can summon dolls and resurrect a person.
発動体 Implement Think 4th Edition D&D Wizard implements (wand, orb, staff, etc.)
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