Come forth, my faeries. It's our turn now.
Human Faerie Trainer

The Faerie Tamer wields magic which calls forth numerous kinds of faeries. Faerie magic is a very useful magic which is useful in many different situations. You can attack with Fire Bolt, heal with Whisper Heal, and get information with Faerie Wish.

This character knows the Guided Magic feat. With this feat, your attack magic strikes true even against enemies that are brawling with your allies. You can defeat any enemy by working with your fighters.

Humans are said to have the favor of luck. They can change their luck using the Sword's Salvation/Alter Fate racial ability. It can make sure a magic spell takes effect, so use it when it's crunch time.

This character also has the Fencer class, so she can fight with weapons if she really needs to, but her weapons aren't as good as a warrior's.

This is a great support character who can help with offense, support, or investigations. Help out your party with anything they need!

  • Clockwise from top
    Attack 3
    Defense 2
    Magic 4
    Support 3
    Versatility 5
    Burst 2
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