Human Warrior

My blade is telling me to defeat you... No holding back.

Character Description

Humans are one of the most prosperous groups in Raxia and one of the easiest races to relate to as a character.

This warrior is armed with a double-edge sword and wears leather armor. He wields his sword in both hands and can unleash certain death with each strike.

This character takes the initiative and fights the enemy up close. If he needs to, his Power Strike feat allows him to unload huge amounts of damage.

Humans are said to have the favor of luck. Their racial ability, Sword's Salvation/Alter Fate, lets them take control of their luck. Alter Fate is an incredibly useful power that can change the value of a die roll after it's rolled. It'll come in handy at a critical moment when you can't afford to fail.

This character also has the Scout and Ranger skills, which make him excellent at searching and tracking. He's the model of a great adventurer. With his comrades and his faith in himself, blaze a trail across the land of Raxia!

  • Clockwise from top
    Attack 5
    Defense 3
    Magic 1
    Support 2
    Versatility 4
    Burst 4

Translated by: CTC Paradox

Edit: Caphi

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