Considering the fact that revised rulebooks have been released, errata has been issued, and much has changed for Sword World 2.0 in the years since I began this project, I figured I'd move the original rulebooks off to their own page. Unfortunate that it has to be this way, but that's just the way things roll sometimes. If someone out there in TV Land wants to take over this particular project, feel free to have at it. All the download links are still active as of today (3/1/2017), but if something ever goes down, feel free to mention it and I'll re-upload them. - Aniodia

Core Rulebook 1 (translation playable; raw scans) Edit

Core Rulebook 2 (raw scans) Edit

Core Rulebook 3 (raw scans, new raw scans: hi res, low res) Edit

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