Simple character creation

Simple character creation chart

Simple character creation goes as follows:

1. Select a sample character.
2. Decide on their history.
3. Simple character creation is finished.

In this book we will introduce 7 sample characters.
The explanation will provide their race's characteristics, how to use the character and a guide on how to progress that character. For now don't overthink things, just pick a character you like the look and feel of.

Sample Characters

Human Warrior p.29

Human Faerie Tamer p.33

Elf Priest p.37

Dwarf Paladin p.41

Tabbit Magician p.45

Runefolk Gunmage p.49

Nightmare Brawler p.53

Determining Personal History
Bags and stuff

Once you've decided on which sample character you would like to use the next step is determining your character's history. Personal history shows your PC's birth and experiences. It is useful for determining your PC's personality.

The personal history has no effect on your character's abilities. It is useful for working out how your PC would act, as well as for the GM, who can bring in characters related to your PC's past.

Personal history is determined in the table to the right (below). You can choose for yourself or allow the dice to decide, it's up to you. If you choose to roll you will need to roll 3 dice.

If the first roll is 1-3 use Table A, if the dice comes up 4-6 use Table B. The results of the second and third roll will decide one of the PC's past experiences.

You can choose up to 3 events for your PC's past. If you dislike the result of a roll feel free to roll again, or simply choose a result that you like. If you wish you may also talk to your GM and create an event that does not appear on the tables.

Table A (The First Roll is 1, 2 or 3)

2nd - 3rd Roll Personal Experience
1-1 There was a great love in your past.
1-2 Your life was saved by someone.
1-3 You ran away from home as a child.
1-4 You went broke at some point in the past.
1-5 You commited a crime.
1-6 There was an adventurer who you admired.
2-1 You had a near death experience.
2-2 Born to a wealthy family.
2-3 Abandoned by your parents.
2-4 There is mixed blood in your family.
2-5 You were formerly nobility.
2-6 You had your heart broken.
3-1 You were badly injured.
3-2 You have a period of lost memory.
3-3 You were told a strange prophecy.
3-4 You were raised as a different gender.
3-5 You have (or had) a fiancee.
3-6 You have had a major setback.
4-1 You were imprisoned.
4-2 You were betrayed by someone close.
4-3 You experienced unforgettable horrors.
4-4 You grew up with loving parents.
4-5 You rescued someone else.
4-6 You have (or had) famous friends.
5-1 You discovered a large ancient ruin.
5-2 You are still in love with a childhood sweetheart.
5-3 You don't know where your hometown is.
5-4 There is a hobby you are completely absorbed in.
5-5 You were famous for having a certain talent.
5-6 Was a bully.
6-1 You have (or believe that you have) heard the voice of a God.
6-2 One of your siblings drowned.
6-3 Had a prophetic dream as a child.
6-4 You have a distinctive tattoo somewhere on your body.
6-5 One of your relatives is a widow/er.
6-6 You have a lot of useless knowledge.

Table B (The First Roll is 4, 5, or 6)

2nd - 3rd Roll Personal Experience
1-1 Made a huge mistake in your life that people still remember.
1-2 You have a mentor you can call on.
1-3 You have friends of different races.
1-4 There is an important promise you must keep.
1-5 You have suffered through a severe illness.
1-6 There was once a trustworthy friend.
2-1 Grew up in a city predomininantly run by another race.
2-2 You're haunted by a recurring dream.
2-3 Grew up in the countryside.
2-4 A friend was always there, competing with you.
2-5 You were attacked by a monster.
2-6 You were often absorbed in books.
3-1 Something happened that you needed to confess.
3-2 Won a tournament involving one of your hobbies.
3-3 You were one of the smartest children in the neighborhood.
3-4 Made something unforgettably delicious.
3-5 Have (or had) a friend who lived rather far away.
3-6 Your father is (or was) away on a long journey.
4-1 Helped out at a family business.
4-2 You've had a large quarrel with someone.
4-3 An artist lives (or lived) in your neighborhood.
4-4 You have an important commitment you need to keep.
4-5 You've either eaten or drank poison before.
4-6 Someone you know has died and been resurrected.
5-1 You are (or were) afraid of other races.
5-2 You have defeated a monster before.
5-3 A loved one you lived with has passed on.
5-4 You have a unique, but useless, skill.
5-5 You have served a lord in the past.
5-6 There is a secret that you do not wish to be known by anyone.
6-1 You have an embarassing habit.
6-2 There is someone you know that is practically your twin.
6-3 You saved someone else's life.
6-4 There is (or was) a certain race you liked to be around.
6-5 Tended to stay indoors.
6-6 You are (or were) looking for one of the Swords of Creation.
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