"We live in a world of darkness. I don't mind getting my hands dirty."


This is a Shadow Spy from the northern continent. Shadows are a skillful and nimble race, and demonstrate a great talent at spying and using light weapons in combat.

For a basic framework we started with 2 levels in Fencer and Scout, as we expect this character to be skilled in either activity. This character should have an advantage when deciding initiative in combat.

This character's Combat Feat is Deathblow, which greatly increases the chance of a critical hit. It also reduces Evasion, so you should use Deathblow when you really want to do a lot of damage or you need to critical hit right then and there.

Shadows have Darkvision, which allows them to see in the dark, and Moonlight Talisman, which raises their Spiritual Resistance, as Racial Abilities. Because this character can easily resist enemy magic and special abilities, they have a good chance of survival in any situation.

Give this character that uses the Scout skill to search, delay, and guide, but is also a front line attacker a try!

  • Clockwise from top
    Attack Power 4
    Defense Power 3
    Magic Ability 1
    Support Ability 1
    Versatility 3
    Burst Power 4
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