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Core RulebooksEdit

Core Rulebook I - Released April 2008Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-4524-1 Edit

Game data(items/magic/monsters/techs) for levels 1-5
Human race
Elf race
Dwarf race
Tabbit race
Runefolk race
Nightmare race
Fighter combat class
Grappler combat class
Fencer combat class
Marksman combat class
Sorcerer caster class
Conjurer caster class
Priest caster class
Fairie Tamer caster class
Gunmage caster class
Scout class
Ranger class
Sage class

Core Rulebook II - Released June 2008Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-4529-6 Edit

Game data for levels 6-10
Lildraken race
Grassrunner race
Enhancer class
Bard class
Customized equipment
Reputation rules

Core Rulebook III - Released August 2008Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-4535-7 Edit

Game data for levels 11-15
Rider class

Rulebook I Revised - Released July 2012Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-4679-8Edit

(See Core Rulebook I)
Revised combat rules
Alternate simplified combat rules
Shadow race

Rulebook II Revised - Released July 2013Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-4737-5 Edit

(See Core Rulebook II)
Updated to match changes made in later supplements
Advanced racial abilities from Alchemist Works
Highman race

Rulebook III Revised - Released July 2014Edit

ISBN 978-4-04-070237-7 Edit

(See Core Rulebook III)
Updated to match changes made in later supplements
Valkyrie race
Revised mounted combat

Rulebook EX - Released July 2015Edit

ISBN 978-4-04-070644-3 Edit

Condensed version of major supplement data for levels 1-6 as a companion to Rulebook I Revised

Barbarous Book - Released Released July 2016 Edit

ISBN 978-4-04-070940-6 Edit

Rulebook for playing monster races, revises previous material
Drake(Knight) race
Basilisk race
Lizardman race
Centaur race
Drake(Broken) race
Dark Troll race
Lamia race
Lycanthrope race
Kobold race
Weakling race
Larva race
Vulcan race
Physical Master class for transformation ability races
World information and advice for playing monster races
Items for monster races

Sword World 2.5 Core Rulebook I - Released July 2018Edit

ISBN 978-4-0407-2807-0 Edit

Balance fixes, etc.
New continent/races/monsters/etc.
Conversion rules to make NPC followers from PC sheets

Sword World 2.5 Core Rulebook II - Released September 2018Edit

ISBN 978-4-0407-2811-7 Edit

Sword World 2.5 Core Rulebook III - Released January 2019Edit

ISBN 978-4-0407-2812-4 Edit

Major SupplementsEdit

Alchemist Works - Released August 2009Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7679-5 Edit

Revised and new item and equipment data
Alchemist class
Item creation rules
Indexes for Core Rulebooks I, II, III
Point-buy character creation rules
Advanced racial abilities at Lv5/10
Entangling weapons and rules
Civilian skills

Barbarous Tales - Released August 2010Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7691-7 Edit

Revised and new monster data
Drake monster race
Dark Troll monster race
Lamia monster race
Lycanthrope monster race
Kobold monster race
Examples of complex combat situations

Wizard's Tome - Released August 2011Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7699-3 Edit

Revised and new spells and class abilities
Wizard spells for combined Sorcerer/Conjurers
Revised Familiar rules
More deities
Faerie Tamer complete rewrite
Spell-specific Magisphere upgrades
Magical artifacts

Rule & Data Book: Cardia Grace - Released August 2012Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7712-9 Edit

Revised combat rules
Alternate simplified combat rules
Shadow race
Fee race
Flowlight race
Larva monster race
Weakling monster race
Demon Ruler caster class
War Leader class
Mystic class
High level equipment
More regional deities

Character & Data Book: Ignis Blaze - Released August 2013Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7730-3 Edit

Highman race
Miacis race
Dark Dwarf monster race
Vulcan monster race
Revised and new combat techs
In-place upgrades for combat techs
More support for summons and constructs (Golems, Fairies, Demons)
140+ new monsters

Item & Data Book: Lumiere's Legacy - Released August 2014Edit

ISBN 978-4-04-070311-4 Edit

Valkyrie race
Soleil race
Leprechaun race
Revised and new items and equipment
Revised and new mounts
Revised mounted combat rules
Tables for enhancing monsters with additional item drops

Rule & Data Book: Fortuna Code - Released August 2015Edit

ISBN 978-4040707136 Edit

Rules for "epic levels", levels beyond 15

Age of Grimoire - Released September 2017 Edit

ISBN 978-4040724539 Edit

Durandal civilization book
Noble Elf race
Manaflare race
Grimoire caster class
Artisan class
Aristocracy class
New items and equipment for new classes
Revised item and equipment index for previous supplements
New social and private army rules
Timeline, maps, monsters for Durandal period

Minor SupplementsEdit

Tourbook: Luferia - Released December 2009Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7685-6 Edit

Local regional data
2 scripted adventures

Tourbook: Lios - Released December 2010Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7694-8 Edit

Local regional data
Scaling random encounter tables
Adventure outlines

Player's Handbook: Feidan Natural History - Released January 2012Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7704-4 Edit

Regional data
Combat Styles and related equipment
Traps and associated rules

Player's Handbook: Zaltz Natural History - Released December 2012Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7716-7 Edit

Regional data
Combat Styles and related equipment

Player's Handbook: Yurelia Natural History - Released December 2013Edit

ISBN 978-4-04-712997-9 Edit

Regional data
Combat Styles and related equipment
Revisions for previous combat styles after Ignis Blaze changes

Player's Handbook: Dagnia Natural History - Released December 2015 Edit

ISBN 978-4-0407-0780-8 Edit

Regional data
Combat Styles and related equipment
Combat Arena rules

Player's Handbook: Dilfrum Natural History - Released September 2016 Edit

ISBN 978-4-04-072037-1 Edit

Regional data
Combat Styles and related equipmant

Adventure CampaignsEdit

Mist Castle - Released February 2009Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7675-7

Fairy Garden - Released March 2010Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7688-7

Eternal Empire - Released March 2011Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7696-2

Cursed Land - Released April 2012Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7707-5

Mist Grave - Released March 2013Edit

ISBN 978-4-8291-7721-1

The Magitech Angel of Karzoral - Released March 2014Edit

ISBN 978-4-04-070075-5

Procelsia, a Secret History - Released February 2015Edit

ISBN 978-4-04-070498-2

World Odyssey, Wandering Tower: Forbidden Tower - Released March 2016Edit

ISBN 978-4-0407-0851-5
higher base level than previous adventures

Vice City - Released April 2019 Edit

ISBN 978-4-0407-3158-2
first using 2.5 ruleset

Scaling extended campaigns (1-6 players, GM optional) Random tables for everything

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