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Important Update: February 18th, 2021

Hello, everyone! While this particular site has been in varying states of activity over the past decade, and while I appreciate the love and hope for people to have this project finished, I must say that as of today, February 18th, I will be stepping away from the Sword World Wiki. Over the past decade, as Wikia was bought out by Fandom, and they proceeded to change functionality and insert obnoxious ads everywhere, I was not particularly thrilled with how they were forcing people to use the site. Additionally, I had been dealing with various life issues, between working at a number of different jobs, dealing with depression and loneliness, and other such things that had taken my time and energy away from the project. Group SNE releasing a revised series of rulebooks a few years into the translation also did not help.

However, with the rise of COVID-19 and lockdowns beginning in March 2020, I had the time to work on the translations, and with various support from the people over in 4chan's /jttrpg/ threads (no, seriously) I found the motivation to try and get the project finished. Another benefit of taking so long to get everything done was Kindle releases of what appears to be the entire line of Sword World 2.0 and 2.5 books, whether rulebooks, supplements, or replays, over on Amazon. This development has allowed me to get far better raw scans than what I was originally capable of, allowing me to get work done at a much faster pace.

And so, while I will leave this wiki up as a testament to all the help I had received over the last ten years, I will also announce that I have completed the full translation of the revised core rulebooks, and have found a new host for the translation project. The new site can be found at the link below, and I have also taken the time to take over the subreddit r/SwordWorld for for informal discussion on the project, as well as talking about character builds, setting information, and rules discussion. I will say, though, that at least for the foreseeable future I do wish to work on the translation project on my own. There are a number of reasons for this, and I hope that I don't disappoint anyone by refusing to collaborate on this particular project.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of the various translators and contributors over the past decade. Without the support of others, I would have never kept on with the project even back then, let alone taken the time to carry on ten years after. I also greatly appreciate everyone who has come here to check on the progress of the translation, as it shows that there is interest in fantasy RPGs above and beyond Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

As a final note, I do not plan on stepping down as administrator of this wiki for the moment, if only to prevent any sort of wiki vandalism and bot spam. However, if someone wishes to take over and turn this into a hub for work on Sword World 2.5 (or really, another Japanese tabletop RPG translation project), I would be more than happy to pass admin privileges on.


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