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Sword World 2.0 Books 1-3

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This wiki is designed to be a home base for translation work regarding the Japanese tabletop role-playing game, Sword World. With this wiki, coordination of the various Japanese-to-English translators doing work on the raw scans will be much simpler and easier to accomplish.

Core Rulebooks Sword World 2.0

Original Rules

Revised Rules

Core Rulebook 1 (raw scans: hi res, low res)

Core Rulebook 2 (raw scans: hi res, low res)

Core Rulebook 3

Supplemental Rulebooks

Alchemist Works (raw scans: hi res, low res)

Wizard's Tome (raw scans: hi res, low res)

Barbaros Tales

Lumiere's Legacy

Ignis' Blaze

Cardia Grace (raw scans: hi res, low res)

Fortuna Code

Barbaros Book

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Core Rulebooks Sword World 2.5


Rulebook 1

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