Tabit Magician
Do you think I can do it with magic?

This Tabbit magician can use two different kinds of magic.

Tabbit are rabbits around 1m tall. They're extremely intelligent, and like the other races, they've formed their own civilization and culture. While they have the perfect characteristics for magic, they do not use weapons.

This character uses two kinds of magic, Truespeech Magic and Manipulation Magic. Truespeech lets him use powerful attack spells like Energy Bolt, while Manipulation spells like Counter Magic let him back up his allies.

His Guided Magic ability lets him target his enemies with pinpoint precision.

This character is a real expert with magic, knowing just the right spell for any situation.

Tabbits possess the Sixth Sense racial ability. They can sense danger ahead of their teammates and help the party avoid getting caught in a bad situation.

This character could become the most powerful magician of all someday. He blasts away powerful foes with his magic and leads his party to victory.

  • Clockwise from top
    Offense 2
    Magic 5
    Support 3
    Versatility 1
    Burst 5
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